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360 Feedback Concepts Of Gaining Feedback (.02 CEU)

This 2.5 self-paced 360 feedback course, sometimes simply called 360 feedback, provides students with tools to conduct 360 self-feedback appraisals. 360 feedback It is a method of gaining feedback from a variety of people about an individual’s performance and can be a highly powerful input to performance management and employee …

Access 2016 Essentials

Learners will gain a fundamental understanding of this database application’s environment and basic database principles. They will be able to demonstrate the correct use of key features and the ability to create and maintain tables, relationships, forms, reports, and queries.

Accountability In The Workplace

Accountability helps to ensure that every employee will take responsibility for their performance and behaviors, and continue to manage this responsibility. When we implement goals and communicate with one another, we can achieve powerful results. Building an accountable workplace requires strong teamwork and collaboration. Every team member must have a …

Administrative Assistant Certificate Program

This online course will prepare you for a job as an administrative assistant. The program offers a solid foundation in administrative skills with the advanced training needed and valued in every field.  Regardless of industry, location, or size, every office requires workers who can produce business documents and maintain records. …

Administrative Office Procedures Essential to Enterprise Success

Administrative office procedures may not be glamorous, but they are essential to the success of any enterprise. A well run office reduces miscommunications and helps to eliminate common errors. By making the administrative office a priority, you will establish clear policies and procedures with employee understanding and buy-in, which ensures …

Administrative Office Support Essentials for Excellence

Administrative assistants are a key part of most office environments. They work quietly in the background, ensuring that the business runs smoothly and efficiently. This workshop will give new administrative assistants tools that will make them that person that the office can’t live without. In the Administrative Support course, participants …

Adult Learning – Mental Skills

Bloom’s Taxonomy is not just for elementary school teachers. The three domains of the taxonomy apply to adult education as well. In this manual, we will pay attention to the cognitive domain. This is the domain of knowledge and intellect, and it is the main focus of most educators. With …

Adult Learning – Physical Skills

Bloom’s Taxonomy is not just for elementary school teachers. The three domains of the taxonomy apply to adult education as well. In this manual, we will pay attention to the psychomotor domain. This is the domain of action and physicality. It is important to remember that psychomotor works together with …

Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution

This course offers a functional approach to dispute resolution and interrelated processes. Students learn the advantages and disadvantages of each process and how to select one process over another to create dispute resolution strategies. Content introduces methods of dispute resolution and participants and organizes dispute resolution processes by purpose and …

Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution (2CEU)

Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution covers the full range of dispute resolution processes from inaction (not doing anything) through litigation and private judging.

Anger Management In Every Aspect of Life

Controlling and limiting anger is important in every aspect of one”s life. Without control, you are putting limits on what you can accomplish. Anger can be an incredibly damaging force, costing people their jobs, and personal relationships. However, since everyone experiences anger, having a constructive approach to manage it effectively …

Appreciative Inquiry

Organizations can be thought of as a living being made up of the individuals working within it. Appreciative Inquiry has the ability to change the whole organization by changing the people. Through positive questioning employees will be directed to move in a positive direction. Recognizing the strengths and values of …

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