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Bar Exam Small Group Preparation

Small Group Sessions are designed to prepare you with your peers for the Bar exam. We meet bi-weekly and review heavily tested subjects in each subject area. Our groups are very productive and effective at preparing you for your Bar exam.

Bar Exam Simulations

Taking simulated exams and mini-practice tests are an excellent method to prepare for the exam and test your knowledge. After completing a simulation, you may review answers independently or book an appointment with your Bar exam coach to review your results, discuss strategy, and ask any substantive questions you may have about the exam.

Bar Exam Private Coaching

Book time with to review any subject matter or questions that you are struggling with. One-on-one tutoring is an excellent way to efficiently identify and understand areas of the Bar that you may be struggling with! Pay as you go and book only the time you need.

On-Demand Bar Exam Subject Recordings

Book Your Time With Your Mentor. Pay As You Go! Here you can select a topic that you want to review

1L Course Subject Mentoring

Book Your Time With Your Mentor. Pay As You Go! Your mentor will deep dive with on any subject you are struggling with. From legal writing to any substantive legal topic, Sarah will make sure you feel prepared and ready to succeed in your coursework and on exams!

On-Demand Library 1L Subjects

Book Your Time With Your Mentor. Pay As You Go! Here you can select a topic that you want to review.

Sara Fiori ADRA Bar Exam Preparation

Sarah Fiori, JD


My name is Sarah, I graduated from the University of Maryland School of Law and also have a B.A. in English Literature with a minor in Rhetoric from the University of Maryland. I recently passed the Uniform Bar Exam with a 299 and have also passed the 2014 Maryland Bar exam and the MPRE.

I have been tutoring law students and Bar exam candidates for many years and am passionate about seeing my students succeed in their law school courses and passing the Bar exam. I have a very flexible schedule and am very dedicated to ensuring that all of my students receive quality tutoring and achieve their personal goals. While I most frequently tutor Bar candidates, law students, and writing/study skills, I also happily take on students in other courses (criminal justice, research, and much more).

I offer both one-on-one and group tutoring lessons for law students and Bar exam candidates. I provide helpful notes and other resources to all of my students to aid them with their studies. I would be honored to help you to succeed in achieving your academic and professional goals. Feel free to message me and we can set up a time to chat about working together.

Thank you!


Office Florida

121 South Orange Avenue, Suite 1500, Orlando, Florida 32801

Office Virginia

1101 Wilson Blvd 6th Floor, Arlington, Virginia 22209

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