“How to sign up for courses”

Click on “Courses” to view the entire list of presentations, click on “CEU Recorded” to view the list of recorded presentations, or click on “CEU Live” to view the available live webcasts. Select the desired presentations and add them to your cart. Follow the instructions to register. The system will automatically create an account for you and will email your username and password.

Access your account by clicking the emailed link, or at the top of the page on our website, and log in. You can view the entire list of purchased presentations in your account and you can start watching the recorded presentations.

Recorded presentations: our new process is fully automated – once you have registered for a course, it will be available to access in your newly created account. Watch the entire presentation and click on “Mark this unit complete”; click “Finish course”, then “View certificate”; your certificate will be automatically generated for printing and a copy will be available in your account.

To see and print later the certificates, click on “Profile” or “View Profile” and available certificates will show at the top; then click on the title of the certificate you want to print. Live webcasts: our live webcasts are scheduled on a monthly basis – check our website for updated schedule. You can select and purchase presentations from the available list; once you register, you will automatically receive an email containing the necessary information to access the webcast at the scheduled time.

A certificate and course short description will be emailed to you after attendance. Short descriptions of the courses are available to download and print on the website – click “Courses” and subpage “Courses Short Descriptions”. Certificate Workshops: Workshops run on a periodic basis and last between two days and three weeks. Once you register, you will receive an email with instructions to follow.

Here is how to start your classes

Go to www.adraceu.com. Log in with you username and Password. It is best to use your email address as your username and the Password you created. You can reset your password on the homepage top menu.

When you have logged in, the system will take you directly to your courses. If it does not, you can assess you courses via the “My Courses” link in the top menu.

To start a course, click on the “start” button or “Continue” button next to the course. Listen to the recording. When the recording has finished, Click on “Mark this unit complete” and a Certificate of Participation.

If a course has more than one module, Click on the “Mark this unit Complete”, then the “Next Unit” button and the next unit will begin.

Certificates are automatically generated when a courses is complete and visible for printing. A green bar will appear indicating your action to print the certificate. A copy is placed in you profile and can be accessed also via the “My Certificate” button in the “Top Menu” of each web page.

“How do I print my certificate?”

After you listen the recording, click on the bar underneath “Mark this unit complete”; a check sign will appear. Then click on your right side of the screen “Finish course”. A certificate will be generated right away. If you are not able to print at that time, certificates will be available in your account: log into your account, click on your username, a dropdown menu will pop up, click “Dashboard”, click “Profile” and click on the certificate you want to print. A shorter way: log into your account, click on your username, menu will pop up, click “View Profile”, certificate list will show at the top, click on the one you want to print.

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