Government Capabilities

NAICS Codes: 541990, 541199, 541612,611430, 611699, 624190, 926150
PSC: R418, R499, R699, R799, AD26

Continuing Education in Conflict Resolution, Diversity Inclusion and Public Relation Crisis Mangemet Trgaining For the Corporate and Government Employee.

Online Learning Program(OIL)

RM&A knows the importance of keeping up to date on the skills and practices in the art of Conflict Resolution. RM&A offers via the Online Interactive Learning Program (OIL) cost-effective fee based online presentations for the practicing mediators, human resources managers and organization leaders to sharpen their skills, or in need of continuing learning credits for certification.

Let Resolute Mediation help you in your Federal & State ADR mediation.

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RM&A, Inc. offers a three day (20 hours) Florida Supreme Court approved Basic Alternative Dispute Resolution course and a five day (40 hours) Advanced Alternative Dispute Resolution course for the ADR professionals.

Our courses are valuable for mediators and staff working in human resources department, employee relations, EEO counselors, managers and persons responsible with prevention of workplace conflicts.

Attendees of the Basic Mediation Dispute Resolution course are eligible for “County Mediation Certification” by the Florida Supreme Court and reciprocity may be given by sister state organizations. Graduates of either course are automatically enrolled for Continuous Mediation Education (CME) training required for mediators’ re-certification, or simply to keep sharp, tuition free, up to one year from certification.

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