Corporate Diversity Inclusion and Dispute Resoluton Training

Dispute Resolution Training For Organization's Manager and Employees.

 Starbucks;  closed all stores for Race Bias Training to over 17500 employees. What will it take to get the point across for your organization? 

Lessons Learned - Preventive Training is better than Reactive Training. 

Corporate Diversity Inclusion and Dispute Resolution Training Program

Enables companies to manage their custom groups of students, courses and view statistics. Companies can register themselves on this portal and show selected courses to their employees and track their performances.

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Organization managers subscribe for courses for the either organization from our extensive database or opt for specific courses. Courses are web-bases or by request via live online Webinars.


Training The Work Force; pinnacle to an organization success. Though training employees gain the mindset and sprit of the team.

Consideration of Others:


Racial and Religion of others in the workplace.

In the workplace, diversity-related conflict may arise between individuals or between groups. While tension may be given focus by an incident involving particular individuals, the underlying conflict may have much broader reach. Conflict resolution may not be attainable. The best that may be accomplished is to diffuse tension and create opportunity to improved relationship building.

 Preparing the modern employee to react and think through problems means providing more than traditional learning and training. Throwing a training manual at a new hire or putting them through a weeks-long lecture course might be good enough for them to pass a test, but not much more.

 Here at The Alternative Dispute Resolution Academy courses are designed for organization with on demand for online training for employees relating to dispute resolution, Bias elimination, Leadership and Consideration of Others  subjects in the workplace. ADRA and it's team of of instructors can develop courses to on organization's specific needs. 

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