Time For Change- Essentials for Developing Line and HR Support Technicians

Time for Change! Essentials for Developing Line / HR OD Technicians

This workshop presents a thematic approach to organizational development support. It places the organization’s line leaders and the human resources managers as the pivotal points, as the Organization Development (OD) Support Technician. The workshop directs participants’ focus on:

Visualize the organization’s goals, understands higher echelons intent of organizational change, and gives it meaning.

Embrace change and develop the ability to support others that have difficulties coping with change.

Effectively understands the “Who, What, When and Why” of organizational change.

Recognize and effectively apply learning theories for developing skilled workers as Subject Matter Experts (SME).

Retain the newly created SMEs by appreciating the need for workplace communication, the use and benefits of a grievance process.

Who should attend?

Anyone who coordinates diverse groups to meet the organizations’ objectives.

HR managers who have been identified as high potential in their organization.

Line and HR professionals seeking to advance their career through personal growth and professional development.

Anyone frustrated with the current situation in the workplace – for your sake and your organization’s sake, doing nothing is unacceptable!

Why Attend?

This workshop helps executives harness the potential of those having direct influence on the organizations’ workforce. It helps Line and HR leaders understand the impact of their actions on productivity and how to cultivate compliance from subordinates.

Course’s focus is to help develop the leadership skills needed by line leaders, supervisors and HR managers to accept change as a necessity for the organizations’ survival, while positively influencing and cultivating a compliant workforce. Each of these thematic perspectives provides critical insights and tools that enable managers avoid the pitfalls associated with traditional approaches to change.

June 5, 2016

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