Workplace Mediation Certificate Program Agenda

Day 1 | Lesson One: CONFLICT DEFINED
  • Defining conflict and what drives to conflict between people?
  • Personal approaches to conflict.
  • Learning communication skills.
  • The Art of Active listening
  • Body language And Empathy
  • Workplace/ Employment Conflict ( Case Study Assignment)
  • Case study Assignments
Day 2 | Mediator Role and Ethical Observation
 The mediator’s role distinguished by other forms of dispute resolution
  • What issues may not be appropriate to mediate?
  • Ethical obligations; The Uniformed Mediation Act
  • Demonstrate empathy, building trust, setting a cooperative tone, and empowering parties
  • Effective elements for accumulating information and understating parties
            The Use of Questions
  • Open Ended Questions and Requests
  • Closed Questions
  • Probing Questions
  • Use Questions Carefully
  • Other Questioning Clues  
  • Paraphrasing
  • Managing the Flow of Communication
  • Closing the mediation
Day 3 | The Mediation Process and Negotiation
The Mediation Process
  • Stages and components of mediation conference
  • Drafting a final agreement
  • Types of  Negotiation?
    • Interest v. Position Based Problem Solving
    • Understanding Positions Versus Interests
    • Communications Techniques for Negotiation
  • Special Guest Speakers
  • Case Study Role Play
  • MOC mediations
  • Mock Mediations
  • Review
  • Graduation


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