Professional Development Credit Courses

The ADRA,for Career Opportunities and Resolutions

CEU Credit Courses

The primary purpose of the CEU is to provide a permanent record of the educational accomplishments of an individual who has completed one or more significant non-credit educational experiences.

College Credit Track - Courses

The primary purpose of the college Credit Track is to allow students to earn college credit and apply that credit towards a college degree or for career advancement points.

Take Your Credits To College Higher Education Partners
Excelsior College – ADRA Partnership

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Academy (ADRA) has partnered with Excelsior College to offer our students the opportunity to earn an undergraduate or graduate credits that leads to a degree. Easily transfer your credits earned from  ADRA and other institutions, including military training.

ADRA’s students, employees, students, and their families enjoy special tuition discounts at Excelsior, along with fee waivers, and other benefits.

What is a Credit Hour?

ADRA uses the industry-standard Carnegie Unit to define credit hours for both traditional and distance courses. Each credit hour corresponds to a minimum of 3 hours of student engagement per week for a traditional 14-week course or 6 hours per week for a 7-week course. This time may be spent on discussions, readings and lectures, study and research, and assignments.




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