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Who is the Alternative Dispute Resolution Academy (ADRA)?

ADRA is an Accredited Continuing Education Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

  • IACET Credits are accepted or recognized by various participating professional Organizations and colleges, such as the Society of Human Resources and Management(SHRM) and Calvin College. See who accepts or recognize IACET Credits

ADRA is a recognized continuing education provider for Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediators.

Approved as a Florida and Washington State BAR CLE Provider

Approved as a Florida Department of Financial Services, Division of Insurance Agent and Agency Services Continuing Education Provider

Approved by the Florida Department of Family and Children as a Parenting Education and Family Stabilization course Provider

ADRA provides continuing education course writers, instructors, and presenters and the opportunity to deliver training online via its Learning Management System. Writers may come from a variety of professions and industries and backgrounds.  Most experienced professionals can talk for hours about their area of practice! If you have a topic that you intimately understand and you think would be interesting to others to learn about, then contact us. 

With thousands of licensed professionals across the country needing CEUs to maintain their certification/licensure, there is a great demand for these courses. We have more than 100,000 licensed professionals in our databases with whom we will market your online course. Authoring continuing education courses for ADRACEU is an excellent opportunity for you to earn recognition and extra income.


Most professionals have more than enough expertise in their field to become a course writer. As long as your topics are of educational value to a practicing ADR, legal, HR, professionals, you may pass on some of the knowledge you have gained over your career. Developing original continuing education courses can be both satisfying and profitable. You are helping other licensed professionals fulfill their continuing education requirements in the most economical way.

Our compensation package includes one of the following option:

Option A: We will provide you with 20% of the monthly revenue from sales of the course for one year for your courses that ADRA staff, managed and promotes. Option to renew yearly.

Option B: We will provide you with 50% for courses that you manged and promotes. 

Payments are made monthly.  Course authors have an ADRA account and can track course sales. We make your course easily accessible on our website. In addition, you can add ADRAC continuing education author to your resume. 

 The process is easy and can accommodate your busy schedule. All you need is a computer and a microphone. The entire process is planned to have the least impact on your schedule.

Plan your course and submit a copy of course material to our coordinator – it can be a Power-Point recording or a video recording, presentation, or similar formats.  

General Steps

Step 1: Select a topic based on your interest and experience. The course topic should fit the needs of professional areas such as Dispute Resolution, Legal, Mental Health, and Human Resources. When selecting a course topic make sure the topic has a clear focus. Your course must be expansive enough to appeal to a large audience, but specific enough to provide useful information. Once you have selected a topic make a brief outline of the issues you want to present and expand upon them.

Step 2: Write Learning Objectives, which are what the student can expect to learn by the end of the course. Almost every state licensing board requires that Learning Objectives be clearly identified at the beginning of a continuing education course. There should be at least three Learning Objectives for each credit hour of the course. Therefore, a four-hour course should have at least twelve.

Step 3: Create visual aids, which include non–copyrighted pictures, drawings, diagrams or charts as visual aids in your course material to help explain your topic. Proofread your material for grammatical and spelling errors before submission.

Step 4: Prepare a quiz. Quiz questions should be in the form of True/False or multiple-choice. The quiz questions and answers may be submitted along with the course material. A one-hour course should contain ten quiz questions. Each additional hour should contain five additional questions. So, a two-hour course should contain 15 quiz questions.

Step 5: With your course material, include a list of references or online technical resources. If online technical resources are referenced in the course materials, indicate the URL containing the material referenced. Give appropriate citations to any quotations used from other sources. You should also prepare a short biography of yourself to submit along with your first course.

Course Quiz and Answers: The writer is responsible for preparing quiz questions for his or her course. Quiz questions must be either multiple-choice questions or true/false. Both types may be used in a single quiz; however, true/false questions may not make up more than half of the questions. Multiple-choice questions must include at least three choices and not more than six choices. The writer must indicate the correct answer to each question by submitting a separate document containing the entire quiz in which the correct answers are in a distinctive color or in bold text. Quiz questions and answers may include diagrams, tables, charts or any other graphic device necessary to the question. All such devices must be the writer’s original work. Submittal Requirements: The course content must be submitted in electronic format, as a single document, in Microsoft Word or Power-Point. If the course contains graphics, diagrams or images included in the course content they must be embedded in the electronic document file.

ADRA decides the course fee. To ensure courses are competitive with similar market ADRA will make in an assessment. In general, for a 1 CEU course, ADRA may charge each learner approximately $22.00.

ADRA has developed a system and resources to offer any course in the following four formats: Live Online Webinar Sessions On-demand Pre-recorded Videos Self-study Material The most popular offering mode of CEU courses is via Self-Paced pre-recorded webinars and Study Material. Therefore, information we have provided in other questions is more relevant to Self-Paced pre-recorded webinars and Study Material. Of course, there is a demand for other modes which not many organizations are capable of offering and therefore, there is a good opportunity for you to do more through ADRA’s Continuing Education program. Please note that ADRA has been offering the certification review courses using all the modes and many students have successfully completed their courses using our system. If you are interested in offering your CEU course in modes other than self-study material, please let us know and we will discuss it as a case-by-case.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a course author of ADRA’s Continuing Education program. Please complete the form below, and we will contact you with more information.


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