Personal Mannerism And Communications In Business (8 CME)

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This course is a designed as self-directed and paced workshop. Although this course can be taken as an individual, we highly recommend the team approach as group. The feedback from peers is very important during the planned exercises. Pause the video when instructed or when the group finds in necessary. Only one certificate will be issued upon completion.

This course aims to improve your business and communication skills by developing the tools and training to be able to communicate persuasively and critically in the workplace.  You will learn strategies for honing your communication style, improving clarity, conciseness and impact.

You will learn how to effectively prepare and execute a presentation capturing the attention of your audiance with Curiosity Generating Statement to sell your product/service/idea.  Using CGS effectively improves the involvement and increases the attention the participants give to the presentation.

You will learn how to effectively use probing to overcome communication barries? Probing in simple terms means “to find out something”. It is the skill of asking the questions to find out the right answers. Whenever one talks to someone in professional contexts, one needs to find out the needs and wants of the person on the other end and this can be possible by probing. Probing also makes the other person think and changes the track of the discussion.

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