Arbitration Practice Skills And Services (2CEU)



The Arbitration Practice course explores the essential characteristics, concepts and practices of arbitration. Examines basic functions and duties of arbitrators, parties in arbitration hearings and party representatives. Covers arbitration ethics and practices in international, commercial, labor/employment, financial services, real estate, and other industries, sectors, and socioeconomic settings.

Basic Skills for the New Arbitrator provides a detailed overview of arbitration, from the prehearing phase through the hearing and deliberation of the award. It guides the new arbitrator through the arbitration process by answering the one hundred questions most frequently asked by new arbitrators. BASIC SKILLS FOR THE NEW ARBITRATOR has been used successfully for self-instruction and as a training manual. It is not just for new arbitrators! Experienced arbitrators and attorneys who represent clients in arbitration will find this manual extremely useful. The discussion of evidentiary concepts is especially valuable for non-attorney arbitrators, who must deal with the evidentiary vocabulary of the legal profession. You will learn to provide the necessary ethical disclosures, conduct a preliminary conference issue prehearing orders, establish a discovery schedule, resolve discovery disputes, deal with attempted delays, preside at a hearing, render an award, and avoid prejudicial conduct.

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