Telework & Telecommuting Home Office Unique Skills and Challenges

Telework & Telecommuting Home Office Unique Skills and Challenges – $10.00 | use code “UYTAQJCS”

Build the skills to manage and handle Telework and/or Telecommuting.

Mention teleworking, and some managers immediately feel at sea. How can I supervise employees I can’t see? Will staffers be sending check-in emails while watching Netflix? Can professionalism be maintained in pajamas?

In this course, you will find the perfect unique skills you were needing and looking for.  You will find that Teleworking has its additional challenges by not physically being in the office. But also has it’s advantages such as no commute, flexible schedules, saving your company money, and last but not least MAKE YOUR BUSINESS GROW. Communication and flexibility will get you a long way!

Effective November 1, 2021, the CME Live requirement is suspended. Complete all your CME via virtual course.

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