Public Relations Crisis Management – Leadership Lessons (.6 CME)


At the end of this 30 minute course students will be able to: know the meaning of Public Relation Crisis management, Identify potential issues that could move from a concern to a problem and crisis, Understand the need of a team approach to crisis management. The presenter refers to highly publicized past and recent events and draw conclusions for lessons learned for the corporate employee and manager. Key Discussion: Crises Management; Problem Characterization; Purpose of Crisis Management; Handling Crisis – Real World Examples; Toyota Recall, Domino’s Pizza, Rights & Wrongs of Domino’s; Tylenol- J&J; Golden Rules of Crises Management.

Office Florida

121 South Orange Avenue, Suite 1500, Orlando, Florida 32801

Office Virginia

1101 Wilson Blvd 6th Floor, Arlington, Virginia 22209

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