The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (.8CME)


This course provides an understanding of new and wide-reaching requirements from the General Data Protection Regulation and those rules relevant for businesses, as well as employees’ responsibilities for protecting personal information.

All businesses use personal data gathered from customers, suppliers and colleagues in some way or another. It is in our collective interest to protect this data and keep it confidential in line with existing regulations and common sense.

This course addresses the rules and requirements of the GDPR, promulgated by the EU with effect from 2018. The GDPR covers the critical area of obtaining, using, storing, managing and deleting personal data, and represents a substantial regulatory expansion of personal data protection rules and requirements. The course is important to individuals and institutions both within the EU and those outside the EU that may deal with personal data relevant to persons in the EU. The GDPR imposes significant requirements and provides for substantial sanctions on all such individuals and institutions and represents a major advance in global personal data protection regulation.

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