Starbucks Diversity Customers inclusion Efforts

Starbucks Diversity Customers inclusion Efforts

With the latest incident where two black men were arrested for simply sitting at a table waiting for a friend, Starbucks has made efforts to train employees on Racial Biasses and seems to have ease restrictions on its Restroom use.

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Courses are uniquely designed to target problematic areas that create tensions in the workplace, reduce productivity, and potentially lead to financial and other  kinds of devastation. The key to success in business is on-going education and development. Training the the most valuable assets a corporation has, the employee,  is pinnacle to an organization’s success. Through training, employees gain the mindset and spirit of the team.In the workplace, diversity-related conflict may arise between individuals or between groups. Preparing the modern employee to react and think through problems means providing more than traditional learning and training.

Diversity drives economic growth, and businesses that embrace diversity realize significant increase in workforce productivity, creativity and job performance. To maintain such spirit and competitiveness, training at all levels must occur.

Who Recognizes IACET Accreditation?

The following is an example of companies, regulatory boards and organizations that have been reported to accept the IACET CEU credit. This list is not exhaustive, nor does it guarantee that an IACET CEU will automatically be accepted. CEUs may be subject to additional review by that specific company, board, or organization. IACET does not regularly monitor changes in organizations or regulatory boards’ requirements for acceptance of IACET CEUs.  Read More


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