Professional County Mediation Certification Course (20 Hours)


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This interactive program 20 hours courses provides a unique opportunity to maximize the conflict resolution skills and abilities that you currently possess while learning new ones. It is designed to qualify for the Florida Supreme Court County Court Mediation certification.  Learn more how how to qualify and apply for certification

Our program is designed to provide an understanding of mediation in theory, concept, and practical application. And, in addition to furnishing the important conflict resolution skills necessary to mediate in all professional fields. Upon completion of this course stundet will receive a certificate of completion which also includes the IACET logo and credits.

County Court Mediation is the mediation of civil cases, other than family matters, in county court.  The County Court has jurisdiction for disputes up to $30,000.00, including small claims court.  The majority of non-jury trials in Florida take place before one judge in county court.  Typically county court cases would include Landlord-Tenant, credit card disputes, neighbor disputes, disputes with contractors, auto repair disputes, and cases involving less than $30,000.00.

What YOU Will Learn:

  • Conflict resolution strategies and concepts
  • How to select the most effective resolution method for a particular dispute
  • Court processes, policies and procedures
  • Mediation techniques and strategies
  • The stages and components of the mediation session
  • The role of the mediator and the qualities of an effective mediator
  • Communication skills for stressful situations
  • Diversity awareness
  • Effective ways to utilize community resources
  • How to prepare a written settlement agreement
  • The applicable statutes and ethical rules for certified and court appointed mediators
  • How to market your mediation practice

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