Parenting Through Divorce – Preparations and Considerations (2.2 CME)

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This course addresses issues that couples contemplating divorce are who are going through a separation will have to consider when children are involved. The subject covered are:

  1. Considering the use of mediation to resolve dispute matters
  2. Additional expenses to consider and budget accordingly
  3. Preparing a workable parenting and time sharing plan
  4. Telling your children about the divorce and answering their questions
  5. Using your children as pawns ( delivering messages)
  6. Recognizing the signs that your children are not coping well with the divorce (Younger and Older children)
  7. Don’t be manipulated by your children – work as a team
  8. What to do when one parent decides not to see the children after divorce
  9. Child support obligation and consequences
  10. Seeking assistance to get over the hard times together
  11. Should sibling remain together.

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