This course fulfills the EEOC requirement for new Investigators and Counselors. The purpose of this training is to introduce students to the investigative tools and techniques they will use as an EEO Counselor in order to collect and discover factual information during informal discrimination complaints.


To ensure quality counseling throughout the federal sector, the Commission requires that new EEO Counselors, including contract and collateral-duty EEO Counselors, receive a minimum of thirty-two (32) hours of EEO Counselor training prior to assuming counseling duties.  Management Directive 110.

What is covered:

  • fundamentals and evolution of Civil Rights and EEO
  • roles and responsibilities of an EEO Counselor
  • fundamental roles and responsibilities of the Civilian Personnel Office
  • how workplace harassment can impact an organization
  • EEO complaints process as it pertains to the EEO Counselor
  • how to properly frame a claim of discrimination or harassment
  • how to conduct an EEO complaint inquiry
  • fundamentals of resolving complaints within the Federal EEO complaints processing system
  • how to write an EEO Counselor’s report
  • Comprehend how the communication process can impact mission effectiveness 

Course Curriculum

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