Children Above Disputes – Mediating with Divorcing Parents (4.5CME) – Interactive

Course Curriculum

Parenting Course Module 1 – Legal Aspects 00:10:00
Legal aspects of deciding child-related issues between parents. Custody, Visitation, Support, Medical Decisions, Education Decisions, How courts make custody decisions.
Parenting Course Module 1 – Legal Aspects of Child Related Issues 00:20:00
Module 1 Cont. - Legal Aspects of Child Related Issues
Parenting Course Module 1 – Best Interest of the Child 00:20:00
Module 1 Cont. - Best Interest of the Child
Parenting Course Module 2 – Emotional Impact of Separation 00:12:00
Emotional aspects of separation and divorce on adults. Divorce - One of the top 10 stressors in life. Emotional and Mental Health. Physical Health. Different Reactions to Stress. Impact on Social Behaviors. Impact on Daily Life. Parents' Guilt. Support Network
Parenting Course Module 3- Emotional Impact of Separation 00:11:00
Emotional aspects of separation and divorce on children. Telling your children you are divorcing. Internalizing / Externalizing Feelings. Conflict between parents. Quality time. Structure and stability. Children Reactions. When to Seek Help.
Parenting Course Module 4- Family Relationships 00:12:00
Family relationships and family dynamics. Reacting to your child's response to divorce. Conflict affects adults and children. Children respond to divorce based on your reaction. Dating and your children. The parenting continuum
Parenting Course Module 5- Financial Responsibilities 00:20:00
Financial responsibilities. Identifying your financial change and options. Identifying your responsibility. Acknowledging the court mandated responsibility of the other parent. Keeping accurate and up to date records. Child support. Additional reading.
Parenting Course Module 6 – Spousal and Child Abuse 00:15:00
Issues regarding spousal or child abuse and neglect. What is considered spousal or child abuse or neglect. What constitutes and physical or emotional harm? The law promotes safety of children. How does family violence impact children? Temporary impact. Long term impact. Reactions. Social Stigma. Depression/Anxiety/Dissociation. Impact on performance at school. More inclined for drug or alcohol abuse, depression or suicide.
Parenting Course Module 6 Cont. – Domestic Violence & Child Abuse 00:25:00
Domestic Violence, Child Abuse - Cont.
Parenting Course Module 7- Reducing Conflict 00:20:00
Reducing conflict.Handling anger. "I" messages. Being a good listener. Creative Problem solving. Relating as business partners
Children Above Disputes Quiz 00:30:00

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  1. Very Informative.


    Wish we could make divorcing couples take this course. It might help them understand the damage they can do to themselves and their children who just happen to be in the middle.

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