Introductory Business German

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Communication is an extremely important element of the business world and globalization has ensured that businesses are more interconnected than ever before.  The Business German Courses will help you to understand how to carry out specific tasks, such as writing a letter or sending a job application, using the right tone, vocabulary, and format. It will also point out any differences between business-related communication in German and in English so that you do not get caught out.

By the time you have completed a course, your overall communication skills should be greatly improved. This could make you more adept at workplace presentations, more able to handle internal communications, and even allow you to make deals with international companies. Business German is also a transferable skill when entering a career in one of the highly professional fields, such as politics, science, engineering, or the law.


April 1, 2021

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121 South Orange Avenue, Suite 1500, Orlando, Florida 32801

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1101 Wilson Blvd 6th Floor, Arlington, Virginia 22209

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