Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course “Parenting After Divorce”

Florida Parent Education and Family Stabilization Class – “Parenting After Divorce”. Approved by the Florida Department of Family and Children

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Welcome to The Alternative Dispute Resolution Academy(ADRA) “Parenting After Divorce” Course. We appreciate you choosing The Alternative Dispute Resolution Academy (ADRA) to complete the Florida Parenting Class Requirement. The “Parenting After Divorce” online class is approved by the  Florida Department of Children and Family (DCF). Completion of this course will satisfy the Florida County Courts requirement. This course is designed to educate, train, and assist parents with minimizing the emotional impact on you and your children. Each parent must independently take and complete the course before the court will grant the dissolution of marriage. Parents may also take this course to learn about the impacts divorce can have on their family, as well as the best way to handle the difficult transition. Additionally, make sure you understand the process of filing for a divorce.

Florida Court Requirements Continuing Education Florida

Florida Statute 61.21 requires that both parents involved in a divorce must take a four-hour parent course if they have children under 18 years old. Per Florida Statutes 61.21 – Parenting course authorized; fees; required attendance authorized; contempt. The petitioner must complete the course within 45 days after the filing of the petition, and all other parties must complete the course within 45 days after service of the petition. For paternity actions, unless excused by the court pursuant to subsection (4), the petitioner must complete the course within 45 days after filing the petition, and any other party must complete the course within 45 days after an acknowledgment of paternity by that party, adjudication of paternity of that party, or an order granting time-sharing to or support from that party.

Parents Will Learn

Parents receive valuable information about divorce and how it could impact them and their children. They also learn skills that they can use to help themselves and their children adjust appropriately to this major loss.

This course can be completed at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. The 4-HOUR Parenting Class meets the requirements for Florida’s Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course. Florida family courts require that parents with minor children who are divorcing or separating take a parenting class, just like this one, before a judge can finalize a visitation

Court Procedure

Though you won’t be having a trial, you will still need to appear in court before a judge. Also, if children are involved, you will be required to complete a Department of Children and Families approved parenting course. Be sure to take a Final Decree with you for the judge to sign. The judge will ensure the necessary paperwork has been completed within the guidelines of the law and may ask some basic questions about the information on the forms. However, the judge will not provide legal advice or provide thorough auditing of the paperwork. Once the judge signs the Final Decree, take it to the circuit clerk to file it. You should also ask for a certified copy for each party to keep for your records.

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