The death of a college student who got into a car she thought was an Uber could spark a crackdown for ride-hailing safety
The death of a college student who got into a car she thought was an Uber could spark a crackdown for ride-hailing safety.

Corporate Growth Mandates An Adequate Organization Training Program In Public Crisis Management Prevention.

President Donald J. Trump’s Executive Order on Workforce Development is in line with promoting safety for corporate workforce and customers. Whitehouse Brief Posting.

Uber has been in the news quite a lot within the past few months. Unfortunately for Uber, the news has been far from good. Business Insider Article

In March, a University of South Carolina student mistakenly climbed into the car of who she believed to be her Uber driver and was kidnapped and murdered. Even though Uber was not directly responsible for this senseless act, it did shine a light on the need for Uber to put processes in place which would make identifying an Uber driver easier for the customer.

The case made national news and of course created a sense of fear and trepidation in potential customers throughout the country. Uber already has systems in place where customers receive a text message with a photo of their driver and the license plate of the vehicle. Many, however, question if this is enough of a safety precaution; especially in situations where customers are intoxicated. In response, Uber is now implementing an additional security measure of stickers to be displayed on drivers’ windshields clearly identifying them as Uber drivers.

Additionally, a suit was filed in early April in Los Angeles County Superior Court accusing Uber Technologies Inc. of negligence. Three women in California are alleging they were assaulted and raped by persons posing as Uber drivers. The lawsuit, brought by the women, claims that Uber was aware people were posing as drivers and picking up inebriated people and sexually assaulting them. The suit claims negligence on behalf of Uber for failing to properly inform customers of this risk.

As stated in the lawsuit, “The unwitting public, and in particular women looking for a safe ride home, have been lulled into believing that the Uber App summons a safe means of transportation. Instead, once the Uber app has been engaged, single female passengers leaving crowded nightclub/bar/restaurant locations become vulnerable to the fake Uber scheme.”

Uber has experienced rapid growth within the past few years. With such growth, many necessary processes, such as safeguarding techniques and proper screening and training of employees, can be overlooked. These oversights can cost organizations huge amounts of money in lawsuits as well as loss of customers due to reputation damage.

Organizations bear a responsibility of safety and protection, to their customers as well as their employees. At the Alternative Dispute Resolution Academy, we understand the importance of anticipating workplace issues before they arise.

Our courses are designed to equip organizations with the necessary tools to empower employees. The training and development of employees is an absolute necessity to the health of an organization.

When organizations invest in their employees, safety and concern for the customers will naturally become a priority. This in turn leads to fewer costly lawsuits as well as a favorable reputation within the industry.

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