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Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course “Parenting After Divorce”

Florida Parent Education and Family Stabilization Class – “Parenting After Divorce”. Approved by the Florida Department of Family and Children Click to Register: Welcome to The Alternative Dispute Resolution Academy(ADRA) “Parenting After Divorce” Course. We appreciate you choosing The Alternative Dispute Resolution Academy (ADRA) to complete the Florida Parenting Class …

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Divorce Orlando Florida

Filing for Divorce without an Attorney Filing for divorce is often portrayed as a long legal matter with lawyers for both sides fighting in the courts. However, divorces can be conducted without attorneys involved as long as both parties are able to agree to the terms of the divorce. Simplified …

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Zoom Mediation Webconference Tools Questions and Answers

Zoom has become the “Go-To” platform because of its features that are helpful to conduct a mediation conference online. The Zoom video will help you with setting up and conducting a mediation conference.  You can also post questions or comments.  

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Florida Supreme Court Emergency order Administrative Order AOSC20-24.

The Florida Supreme Court has issued an emergency order related to a number of alternative dispute resolution issues to address operations during the pandemic.  Highlights of the order include granting deadline extensions and abating late fee assessments for mediator certification and renewal; and allowing certified mediators to complete their CME …

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Florida 2020 County Court Jurisdiction Information

Civil Court -County Civil Court handles claims up to and including $30,000. A County Civil case is any civil matter that falls within the jurisdiction of County Court. Circuit Civil cases are non-criminal cases in which individuals or businesses sue for damages which exceed $30,000.

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16 Graduate as “Workplace Mediators:” Workplace Mediation Certificate Course (Cohort 1903) FAPAC- November 4-7, 2019.

                                                                   Graduate class Group: name of Graduates. Back row L to R: Frederick Cheng, Phuong Calloway, Arunsiri Brown, …

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