ADR News and Updates DRC by the Numbers: 2018 Edition

Florida ADR News and Updates DRC by the Numbers: 2018 Edition

The latest edition of The Neutral is now online.  This edition includes information on a new searchable database of Mediator Ethics Advisory Opinions available to Florida Bar attorneys and a moving tribute in memory of Susan Dubow.  The Neutral: Volume 4, Issue 1, dated April 2019

A total of 85 certified mediation training programs were conducted in 2018. In those programs, a total of 1,008 persons completed training. Starting with the lowest: 15 people completed training in one dependency mediation program; 62 people completed training in four appellate mediation programs; 238 people completed training in 24 circuit mediation programs; 317 people completed training in 24 family mediation programs; and 376 people completed training in 32 county mediation programs. The numbers are down, but comparable to 2017, when 92 training programs were held and 1,129 mediators were trained.

The DRC certified a total of 598 new mediators in 2018 with an average of 50 applications processed monthly. A total of 2,235 mediators were renewed with an average of 186 renewal applications processed each month. The most renewals were processed (234) and the greatest number of new mediators were certified (80) during the month of March.

April 18, 2019

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