“Be Like Starbucks” Lessons Learned For the Corporate Employee (August 12, 2018, Begin 10:30)

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Any company that is open to the public needs to think about this and how they treat customers. Diversity Inclusion and Tolerance must be part of every organization’s quarterly training plan as well as Conflict Resolution training for employees and leaders. Crisis management tools must be in every leaders satchel. The Starbucks incident holds lessons for companies across the board.  Starbucks in this particular instance did a nice job of hitting on those some of the gold standards for crisis management.

1. Work with authorities and recall faulty products straightaway. If the company is stonewalling, agencies will step in.

2. Be upfront, providing the public with information and apologize.  Express regret and sympathy.

3. Go out of your way to show you are doing everything possible to solve the problem.

4. Identify your vulnerabilities, find ways to stop them blowing up, have a plan for what to do when the worst happens, and keep the plan updated.

5. Develop strong relations with employees and customers.

6. Keep competitors in the loop. That helps stop shock waves flowing through to the rest of the industry.

When was the last time your organization held a discussion on Diversity, Respect and Professional Conduct in the workplace? Are they crossing fingers, hoping that an adverse event does not occur.  Now than ever is the time to conduct “Race Bias” and Diversity Inclusion training at all levels in your organization.



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