A Complete Victim-Offender Mediation/Conferencing Process



Following a brief presentation of several key points central to the victim-offender mediation/conferencing process, two case examples are presented in detail, modeling both the preparation process and the actual face-to-face meeting. The first case involves a home burglary by a young adult in which after being encouraged to bring a support person(s), both the victim and offender choose to meet one-on-one. A single mediator (Mark Umbreit) facilitates the face-to-face dialogue.

The second example is a case of juvenile vandalism perceived as a hate crime against an African American woman. The offender’s mother participates in the dialogue; the victim has both her brother and a neighbor present at the meeting. This case, facilitated by co-mediators (Carolyn McLeod and Richard Powell), highlights key elements of culturally sensitive mediation practices. Each case concludes with a signed agreement for repair of the harm caused by the crime.

This two-hour video is a valuable resource for training mediators/facilitators in the details of the entire victim-offender mediation/conferencing process.

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