Recorded (Alternate Method 2 – Live) Bundle – 8 CME


This recorded bundle is best utilized with method 2 of satisfying your 8 live credit hours.

Method 2 involves listening to or viewing a CME presentation in a group with at least one other person present and requires real time interaction either in person, telephonic ally, or through electronic means. The other person must be at least 18 years of age and must be noted on your forms for certificate/re-certification.

Bundle includes:

Course 1: Suicide Risk, Prevention, and Intervention (1CME)

Course 2: Communication, Conflict, and the Grievance Process (2.3 CME)

Course 3: Ethical Decision Making (2 CME)

Course 4: Understanding Diversity when Dealing with Conflict (1 CME)

Course 5: Dealing with Military Divorce (2 CME)


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