County/Circuit – 8 CME Bundle (4 Ethics, 2 Interpersonal, 1 Diversity)

$130.00 per 90 days

Civil / County Florida mediators  – 8CME credits towards your re-certification!

Bundle Includes:

Course 1: The Influence of Religion; DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND FAMILY LAW MEDIATION CME (1.5 Ethics, 1.5 IPV)

Course 2: Appellate Court Mediation, No Show, Good Cause and Sanctions (1CME)

Course 3: Dr. Mary Bruck, Ed. Courses-“Second Hand Abuse – Interpersonal Violence Effects on Children” (1.5 IV)

Course 4: Basic Contract Dispute Resolutions (2 E)

Course 5: Marketing your Mediation Practice (2 E)

Course 6: Managing Workplace Conflict (1 Div)

*Please note: recorded courses may be executed as option 2 on mediator’s reporting form; interactive credits fulfill the DRC requirement for minimum 8CME in a “live / interactive” format. Covers 4CME Ethics, 4CME Interpersonal Violence, 1 CME Diversity.

Option 2 involves listening to or viewing a CME  presentation in a group with at least one other person present and requires real time interaction either in person, telephonic ally, or through electronic means.



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