County & Circuit Civil Bundle (16 CME) 2022


  1. Elder Mediation Issues, Susan O. Cassidy, Md, JD. (1.8 CME, 1IPV, 1DIV)
  2. Elder Abuse Consideration,  Dr. Sara Hoefler, Ed.D. (1 IPV )
  3. Gaslighting (1 CME IPV)
  4. Advanced Directives with Cathy Lively, Esq. (1.5 Ethics)
  5. The Stages of Ethical Mediation Conferencing (5.5 Ethics)
  6. Tort Law, Product Liability, and Consumer Concepts (2.5 CME)
  7.  Victim Offender Conferencing: An Introduction (4.5 CME – 2IPV, 2DIV)

Gaslighting - Manipulative Emotional Abuse (1 IPV)

Gaslighting: Gaslighting is a form of abuse that many people have heard about, but are not quite sure what it is. Learn about the history of this tactic, the toll it takes on its victims, and the profile of the gaslighter. This insidious manipulation is often termed “hidden abuse” as it works from within

Model Standards of Ethical Mediation Conferencing (5.5 Ethics, 1 Diversity)

This course covers the stages of the mediation session, expected conduct, and expectations from the parties and the mediator. Duration: 5 Hours | 5.5 Continuing Mediation Hours (Ethics, Diversity)

Victim Offender Conferencing: An Introduction (4.5 CME, 3IPV, 2DIV)

Restorative justice, indigenous justice & healing, human rights, victim services, criminal/juvenile justice, peacemaking, spirituality, forgiveness, reconciliation, mediation, conflict resolution, social change.


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