Dr Mary Bruck’s Ed.D Courses

Dr. Mary Bruck, Ed.D, specializes in training of mediations in various areas. Her main focus is on Special Education areas. Her courses and training are highly recommended for K12 school Teachers, counselors as well as instructors in higher education.

She possesses extensive experience in: K-12 teaching, district administration, state department administration, higher education administration and teaching, and coaching. Also extensive work with students with learning disabilities and students who are gifted. She has presented nationally and internationally on a variety of issues and themes. Invited to present at Oxford Round Table, Oxford U.K.

She is a Certified educational leadership and academic administrative professional with expertise and extensive experience in: higher educational administration, leadership styles, principles and organization of school administration, strategic planning, management theory, special education law, special education instruction, staff development and supervision, curriculum differentiation, motivational theory, action research, gifted education, mediation, and mediation in special education.

Dr. Bruck designs her courses based on practical experiences and theories. Learn more about Dr. Mary Bruck's Experience. BIO

Mediation training for Gifted Children education

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