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Welcome Message: This Course is approved by the Florida Department of Children and Families

Thank you for joining us for the “Parenting After Divorce” – Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course. This course is approved by Florida Department of Children and Families. Resolute Mediation & Arbitration Inc. / ADRA is an approved provider and this course curriculum fulfills the requirements under Chapter 61.21, F.S.

This course is made available to all parents who want to gain “know-how” in dealing with parenting issues after divorce. In order to successfully complete this course you have to watch it in its entirety and pass the final knowledge check. Each module will have an end quiz specific to that module, to help you prepare for the final knowledge check.

Disclaimers: “The components of the parenting course are intended for educational purposes only. The presentation of this material is not intended to constitute mental health therapy, give information on specific mental health disorders nor medications to treat mental health disorders. Participants are encouraged to discuss specific mental health questions with a licensed mental health therapist of their choice.”

“The legal component of the parenting course provides general Florida family law principles. The presentation of this material is not intended to constitute legal advice. Participants are encouraged to  consult with a licensed attorney for answers to specific legal questions.”

Course Outline:

The course is divided into 8 modules ending with the final knowledge test.

  1. Legal aspects of deciding child-related issues between parents. “Best interest of the child(ren)”
  2. Emotional aspects of separation and divorce on adults.
  3. Emotional aspects of separation and divorce on children.
  4. Family relationships and family dynamics.
  5. Financial responsibilities to children.
  6. Issues regarding spousal or child abuse and neglect.
  7. Skill-based relationship education; communication and conflict resolution.
  8. Reflections and planning – How to apply what you have learned.

Some modules have multiple units; most modules will have an end quiz to help you prepare for the final knowledge check. Some modules are interactive  and there is additional reading material attached. The entire course should take 4-5 hours to complete depending on your pace. You can always stop and return to where you left if / when needed.

To earn your certificate for this course you have to pass the final knowledge check with a 70 % score or higher. You have unlimited number of attempts to pass the knowledge check.

After completing the course please take a few moments to complete the survey or write a course review.

Course Outcome:

After completing this course parents will: have a greater appreciation of actions that are in the best interest of their children; understand legal concepts related to separation / divorce and aspects influencing child-related issues between parents; overcome emotional aspects of separation on parents and emotional impact on children; communicate with the children and explain what divorce means for them without traumatizing them; communicate with each other; create an efficient parenting plan; learn parents’ financial responsibilities after divorce; know what is domestic abuse and steps to take to keep themselves and their children safe; community resources.

If you request indigent status fee click here to download a Parenting Course Indigent Status Form. Status is approved/denied ONLY based on submission of the form AND additional supporting documentation (i.e. pay stubs, tax returns).

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