The “Human Resources as the Third-Party Neutral” training is a specialized mediation training provided by The Alternative Dispute Resolution Academy (ADRA). This specialized training focuses on the challenges Human Resources professionals face when dealing with workplace conflicts and specialized techniques that can be used to resolve those disputes in an informal manner.

When conflict within the workplace happens, it is Human Resources that are expected to assist in resolving the conflict and maintaining a peaceful, ideal workplace environment for all employees.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • How to assist the manager and the employee move past the complaint and move towards resolution
  • How does the HR person help the employee and the Manager to have a conversation about their interaction styles
  • How do you help the Manager and the employee come up with a solution that works for each of them as well the company
  • How can we assist employee and manager through difficult conversations
  • How to eliminate or reduce the chances of parties seeing the process as being one sided

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