Workforce and Professional Development Course List

A team approach to Organizational Public Relation CrisisThis is a bilateral background based course which is basically designed to provide customer service employees the certain tools to recall analytical information when a catastrophe appears. If you want your worker to help secure your reputation in the event of decisive point, the starting point is by introducing a customer service culture and empowers staff to make decisions and do the right thing in the time of a problem with the proper training instruments. This workshop enables an individual to make decisions by proper understanding the current condition and situation by analyzing and using different tools. This may enhance their qualities and their understanding to the company. This will also help them improve the company s marketing growth and reputationEmotional Intelligence/Self- Awareness, Building Trust and Personal Accountability, Resilience and Stress Tolerance, Action Orientation, Time Management, Flexibility and Agility, Critical and Analytical Thinking, Creative Thinking
Addressing Customers of Different Cultures We will be defining culture and discuss culture in workplace. We will also be discussing what it means to provide courteous service and addressing customers from other cultures.? You ll learn from our provided solutions on how you can provide better service to customers of other cultures within your company.Cultural/Emotional Intelligence, Valuing Diversity, Building Relationships, Critical and Analytical Thinking
Advance Negotions for ManagersThe Advanced Negotiation course aims to sharpen student's by identifying the existing negotiating styles style, strengths and development areas as a negotiator. The courses explores, Communication styles for building rapport, Pre-negotiation preparation; WATNA, BATNA and ZOPA, the negotiation cycle, Tactics for successful negotiations and Dealing with pressure and handling conflict.Building Relationships, Negotiation, Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking, Delegating, Decision Making
Anger Management and Alcohol/Drug AbuseThis presentation covers aspects of personal anger management and effects that use of drugs and alcohol has on an individual and family. It recognizes that while anger is a natural human emotion triggered by emotional hurt and unpleasant experiences and feelings it needs to be managed and outlines the possible consequences if it is not effectively dealt with. Additionally, it highlights the effects of alcohol and drugs on anger and the family dynamic as well as factors that guarantees the effectiveness of treatment procedures. This course provides information to end the anger cycle and live up to one s true potential. It provides recommendations on how to recognize and avoid situations that will trigger an individual s anger. Anger may become an individual s reaction of choice to even the most minor of situations, where lashing out unnecessarily at people we love, respect, or care for. Anger may be spiraling out of control if not recognized and placed in check. Out of control anger can lead to many psychological and emotional issues, as well as many difficulties with your career, important relationships, and friendships.Emotional Intelligence, Problem Solving, Building Relationships, Stress Management, Empowering Others
Building Self Confidence in Leaders. This course was designed for anyone that desires to improve their confidence and self-esteem.? This course is designed to to teach you what you will need to know to begin building confidence and self-esteem so that you can begin improving every aspect of your life this very moment! The only requirements is to have an open mindset and committing to change yourself!

The course also includes strategies for maintaining confidence when fear and rejection set in, and also how to deal with stressful situations.??Students who complete this courses will be prepared physically and mentally to feel more confident and full of self-esteem.
Self-Awareness, Influencing, Creative Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Empowering Self
Communication, Conflict, and the Grievance Process.This presentations shows the Ins and Outs of Workplace Conflict: How to better understand it, manage it, prevent it and learn from it. In this session you will learn the importance of successful communication techniques within the context of a workplace. You will also learn helpful tips and tactics to manage the various dispute situations that may arise. Lastly, instructor will review the process for planning and executing a formal dispute / grievance plan for your organization.?Learning Outcomes:

Understand the importance of the communication patterns at play (internally and externally) that exist at your workplace.
Understand how to manage the conflict that you see at work on an individual basis.
Understand how a formal dispute system design program (or grievance process) could be adopted and what the key factors are for making that plan successful.
Mediation, Oral Communication, Emotional/Cultural Intelligence, Delegating, Influencing, Empowering Others, Coaching
Consideration for Others - Employment Law This course is a must for anyone who wishes to learn how to be an effective employer, supervisor, or manager and will be of benefit to any small business owner or a corporate executive, manager, supervisor, or human resource specialist..Managing Conflict, Managing People for Performance, Critical Thinking, Parnering, Action Orientation, Clarity Roles and Accountabilities
Customer Crisis Management- Airlines This course bundle is compilation of courses that addresses Workplace Behavior and Crisis Management. By completing this course bundle participants will have a greater understanding on how effectively manage Organization Public Relation Crisis, Reflect on Personal Conduct, Communications Styles and its impact when interacting with peers and customer and adjust to portray a professional presentation conducive to professional conduct and environment.Behavioral Science, Crisis Management, Managing Conflict, Problem Solving, Emotional Intelligence
Dealing with Difficult Clients "Dealing with Difficult Clients" - a discussion on how to move past difficult clients and still achieve the goals of the mediation session. Taking a closer look at what causes the negative behavior and working to provide an open space and productive mediation.Managing Conflict, Mediation, Oral Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Delegating
Debtors Education Course Post-Filing Debtor Education  NOT AN APPROVED Course / Provider by U.S. Trustee s Office. May be taken for CME credits for mediators.

After you file for bankruptcy, but before you can receive a discharge in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you must complete a course in personal financial management (also called the predischarge debtor education course). The purpose of the debtor education course is to teach you how to manage money and use credit wisely after bankruptcy. If you don t complete the debtor education requirement, the court won t issue a discharge in your bankruptcy. Read on to learn more about the debtor education course requirement in bankruptcy.

Who Must Take the Debtor Education Course?

With a few exceptions, all Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy debtors must complete a course in debtor education before they can receive a discharge. (Learn more about the exceptions to the debtor education requirement.)

In general, you must complete the debtor education course unless:

-you have a disability or incapacity that prevents you from taking the course

-you are on active duty in a military combat zone, or

-you don t have an adequate debtor education course available in your district (this is a very rare occurrence).
Debt Management, Financial Literacy and Management, ADA Guidelines
Embrace Positivism - Uncover your True Self This course is aimed to present options to successfully uncover your true self and unlock your potential. Of course, there is no  one size fits all situation for success. Each person s life experience and situations will result in various results. Therefore, the subjects covered are to be taken as Tips to advance your life s goals and dream.Goal Setting, Self-Awareness, Decision Making, Critical and Analytical Thinking
Emotional Intelligence - Inspiring Leaders and Managers"This course is designed to provide a framework for understanding and valuing EI, illustrate ways that EI capabilities can be developed and utilized for personal or professional advancement, stimulate reflection on the changing nature of organizations and the role of the manager, develop competency for applying emotional intelligence, and suggest why and how to use EI as an organizational change strategy. EI is also very important for the management of the behavior of the employees that helps to keep the employees keen and soft to do work according to need rather than to be brutal with them. This course helps to hold the staff, employees, managers and every stakeholder of the organization with good positive aptitude that are involved in the benefits of the company to emotional Intelligence to keep peaceful, calm and clear crystal environment for the working of the organization and help in managing and keeping the peace in the entire system.Emotional Intelligence, Problem Solving, Building Relationships,Influencing, Coaching, Organizational Development, Empowering Others
Emotional Intelligence for Inspiring Leaders & Managers.Presenter introduces the Emotional Intelligence (EI) concept, the impact of EI on the world of business, especially in the areas of leadership and employee development. Some of the topics covered: what is EI and what are characteristics of emotional intelligent individuals; how leaders and professionals (including mediators and attorneys) can use this theory to assess their own emotions; how to use EI to better understand other people's emotions; what is the EI impact on performance; understand the role of EI in increasing personal success; how to use EI as a change management strategy.Emotional Intelligence, Problem Solving, Building Relationships,Influencing, Coaching, Organizational Development, Empowering Others, Self-Awareness, Self-Development
Essentials of Technology in Small Business and The Legal Office (.25 CEU IACET)Essential discussions: *What criteria should a person or business use in selecting hardware and software in various environments? *Why are these criteria important? *How do spreadsheet applications simplify data commonly used in business settings? *How do database applications organize data commonly used in business settings? *How is multimedia software used to enhance informational presentations? *What criteria should a person or business use in selecting hardware and software in various environments? Why are these criteria important? **How do emerging technologies and innovations affect your cultural, social, economic, environment. *What skills are more important in the workplace  performance skills or interpersonal skills?Technology and Software Development, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Building Teams, Influencing, Motivating Others
Ethical Decision Making This lecture is addressing ethical dilemmas that mediators and business executives may face when having to choose between ethical guidelines and personal values. We discuss rules for professional mediators and expected ethical behavior.Ethics, Accountability, Critical Thinking
Human Resourced as the Third Party Neutral (.18 CEU IACET)It is certainly no surprise that conflicts often arise within the workplace. When a group of people share the same space on a daily basis and have pressures of deadlines, meeting goals, completing tasks within certain budgets and all of the other stressors that are simply a part of our working culture, tempers can flare and disagreements can quickly escalate. It is certainly no surprise that conflicts often arise within the workplace.Managing Workplace Conflicts, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Building Teams, Influencing, Motivating Others, Coaching
Job Safety and Health - OSHA General Industry This 50 minute course is designed for organization employees and leaders. This interactive course provides a clear understanding of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), origins and mission of with particular attention to key regulations that may affect your workplace, OSHA coverage, Worker Rights, Employer Responsibilities, Types of OSHA Standards, OSHA inspections and Citation and Penalties.OSHA Guidelines, Workplace Ethics
Labor And Employment Dispute Mediation Certificate Course (3 CEU)Students taking the course will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from the Alternative Dispute Resolution Academy. This intensive course is designed to train and qualify students to develop or participate in conflict mediation processes. Participants will review the growth and application of settlement options in the United States. The course focuses on both traditional and non-traditional dispute resolution options.

This intensive training program equips participants with knowledge and skills essential for successful employment mediation. A comprehensive blend of substantive law and training in mediation process skills prepares participants to become qualified mediators for employment disputes.
Conflict Resolution, Mediation in the Workplace, Managing Dispute
Leadership FundamentalsThe Ladership Fundamentals course serves to develop basic leadership skills for new and potential managers, as well as experienced managers who seek to refresh their skills. Building Relationships, Negotiation, Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking, Delegating, Decision Making
Managers as Organizational Change LeadersThis course presents a thematic approach to organizational development support; it places organization s line leaders and HR managers as the OD support technician, who embraces changes and assist those having difficulties  an OD support technician who effectively grasps and understands the  Who, What, When and Why of change, organizational development, recognizes and effectively applies the learning theories for developing skilled workers as Subject Matter Experts (SME) in the workforce and retain them by appreciating the need for workplace communication, the use and benefits of a grievance process, and utilizing available dispute resolution venues to achieve the organizational goals.Business Development, Team Building, Clarity Roles and Accountabilities, Oral Communication, Written Communication, Influencing
Managing Workplace Conflicts Learning how to manage and resolve conflict is a key skill for anyone who works in a team, communicates directly with customers or has a supervisory or managerial role. Resolving interpersonal conflict can be very empowering and should be a part of everyone s professional development goals. This Conflict Resolution Course provides techniques for individuals in an organisation to resolve workplace conflict and to build a common understanding and framework for working through challenging situations. The course was designed, after much research, to focus on the Win-Win Approach using the three critical skills of conflict resolution; Negotiation, Assertiveness and Persuasion. These skills will enable the course participants to develop conflict resolution strategies for quickly and effectively recognizing, resolving and preventing conflicts with others. Learn key skills like how to compromise and negotiate, finding the root cause of the issue, the importance of forgiveness, anger management strategies and de-escalating challenging situationsWorkplace Conflict Management, Building Teams, Emotional Intelligence, Negotiating
Mediation Essentials to Workplace Dispute ResolutionIn this session?presenter will discuss how the fundamentals of mediation can be applied to the conflicts that occur in most workplaces.?Natalie?reviews ideas, tools and techniques that when utilized, allow for successful conflict management.?She also?talks about?how to address difficult people and varying cultural differences in the context of workplace disputes.Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Delegation, Workplace Conflict Management
Navigating through Interpersonal Conflict This presentation takes a look at why we conflict with those we are the closest with  be it family, friends, co-workers, and how to better manage these disputes.Managing Conflict, Behavioral Theory, Understanding Others, Emotional Intelligence
Negotiaionan EssentialsThis course covers the fundaments of negotiation strategies: when you should negotiate, when you should not; the right questions to ask; how to be prepared; how to manage difficult people; and how to develop a plan for success.Negotiation Strategy, Managing Conflict, Emotional Intelligence
Negotiation Techniques and Strategies In Mediation
And Mediation
This course consist of material designed to help you stay on track after you finish this training. Mastering the skill comes after, when you are left alone, with the knowledge and tips you collected during the course. But practicing the skill, being persistent, having checking points and making corrective actions  that is up to you. This workbook will be there for you, to help you being a coach to yourself. This will show you the traits how u can manage yourself and how u can be worker of yourself without any investment of business. This all can be done by the technique in which can act as a middle man in the work and provides a lot of benefits for the organization and also benefits yourself by gaining the experience on a high paid reward that can motivate you for being unstoppable to move towards your desire goals. This workbook tells you the different method of security for parties in which negation takes before deal will done.Coaching, Self-Motivation, Self-Awarness, Goal-Setting, Influencing, Self-Development
Perfecting the Personal Art of Business Communications This training will help you develop communication skills  in order to become more efficient  in dealing with different issues. Your ability to communicate comes from experience, and this communication training, aims to tap in to your wealth of experiences. You will learn real-world application through  self realization, reflection, and presented with options for Creating communication strategies, as a way of reaching goals. As a participant you will gain practical skills  that can be applied on the job right away  while communicating with, colleagues, clients, friends, family or public. Training includes basics of all different modules, of all communicating channels, and can help you define your priorities.Oral/Written Communication, Goal-Setting, Self-Confidence, Self-Development
Personal Identifiable Information (PII)SafeguardThis web-based Interactive Personal Identifiable Information(PII) training follows the FAR 52.224-3 compliance which requires privacy training for prime contractors and subcontractors. Effective January 19, 2017, the Department of Defense (DOD), General Services Administration (GSA), and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), mandates federal government contractors to comply with privacy training requirements regarding protection of personally identifiable information (PII).Privacy Training and Compliance, Contractor and Sub-Contractor Management, Ethics
Personal Mannerism and Communication in BusinessThis course is a designed as self-directed and paced workshop. Although this course can be taken as an individual, we highly recommend the team approach as group. The feedback from peers is very important during the planned exercises. Pause the video when instructed or when the group finds in necessary. Only one certificate will be issued upon completion.

This course aims to improve your business and communication skills by developing the tools and training to be able to communicate persuasively and critically in the workplace.??You will learn strategies for honing your communication style, improving clarity, conciseness and impact.

You will learn how to effectively prepare and execute a presentation capturing the attention of your audiance with?Curiosity Generating Statement to sell your product/service/idea.? Using CGS effectively improves the involvement and increases the attention the participants give to the presentation.

You will learn how to effectively use probing to overcome communication barries? Probing in simple terms means  to find out something .?It is the skill of asking the questions to find out the right answers.?Whenever one talks to someone in professional contexts, one needs to find out the needs and wants of the person on the other end and this can be possible by probing.?Probing also makes the other person think and changes the track of the discussion
Professional Development, Emotional Intelligence, Business Development, Oral Communication, Written Communication, Managing Conflict
Professional Courtesy in the WorkplaceThis short course addresses the need of professional courtesy? in the workplace regardless of rank and position. Many managers are reporting breakdowns in courtesy and respect and amplified by the stresses of the workplace. The?course make the argument that professional Courtesy? It is conducive to more cooperative work environment and reduction of stress in everyone in the workplace. Hence that this key ingredient? It benefits the organization.
Professional Development, Higher Management, Organizational Development, Stress Management, Employee Retention
Public Relations Crisis Management - In Leadership le to:
The meaning of Public Relation Crisis management, Identify potential issues that could move from a concern to a problem and crisis, Understand the need of a team approach to crisis management. The presenter refers to highly publicized past and recent events and draw conclusions for lessons learned for the corporate employee and manager.
Key Discussion: Crisis Management; Problem Characterization; Purpose of Crisis Management; Handling Crisis  Real World Examples; Toyota Recall, Dominos Pizza, Rights & Wrongs of Dominos; Tylenol- J&J; Golden Rules of Crisis Management.
Strategic Thinking/Planning, Risk Management, Crisis Management, Mastering Complexity, Leadership, Public Relations Strategy
Religious Consideration In the Workplace This course provides practical guidelines that follows federal and state laws for the corporate leader and employees. This course is not a legal course on employment law but aims to provides the students with the necessary tools competently interact with customers and coworkers of diverse religion and cultures.Cultural/Emotional Intelligence, Valuing Diversity, Building Relationships, Critical and Analytical Thinking
Sexual Harassment In The Workplace This course is designed to increase employee?understanding of sexual harassment and its prevention.?While this presentation is appropriate for all employee, for those in management roles, we suggest?those employees with direct reports take this course. We highly recommend this course for on-boarding new members.

Sexual harassment is serious business. It can create tension in the workplace, reduce productivity, and?potentially lead to financial and other kinds of devastation.?The program also recognizes that in addition to?knowledge of the law, preventing harassment is largely dependent on workplace culture, values, and the?behaviors that are encouraged or discouraged.

During the course, we will define sexual harassment, review federal and state laws governing harassment?in the workplace, and suggest a process for addressing sexual harassment?should it occur.
Sexual Harrasment Law, Conflict Management, Human Resources Management
Special Education MediationThis course/webinar provides an overview of Special Education: rules and regulations, terms relevant to mediation, and the impact of the IEP in reference to mediation. Federal regulations, Chapter 34 CRF, Parts 300 and 301, are discussed and referenced as pertaining to public schools in the U.S. being required to adhere to these regulations and provide direct and supportive services to assist children with disabilities. Awareness of these regulations are important for mediators.
The following additional information is provided through this training: Definition of Special Education, Exceptionalities Served Through Special Education Programs, Terms Relevant for the Mediator, The Importance of the IEP as related to Disputes and Mediation, Mediation as an Alternative, Best Practices in Mediation.
Behavioral Science, Special Education Mediation, ADA law, Emotional Intelligence
Stress Management for the Workplace Stress has an adverse effect on all of us  be it in our personal lives, in the workplace and as mediators / arbitrators dealing with parties that may be under a great deal of stress as well. In the business world, stress leads to lost working days, low morale, low production and poor quality of work among other consequences. In fact research shows more working days are lost due to stress than any other single factor. Many illnesses may be triggered by stress, but people are often reluctant to admit that they are stressed. This presentation introduces information about stress and tools to handle it better and overcome it.Stress Management, Mental Health, Coping in the Workplace, Self-Awareness, Self-Management
Suicide Risk, Prevention and InterventionThe main purpose of this course is to increase suicide awareness. Suicide awareness can help with recognizing risks and providing supportive resources. Suicide awareness can also be beneficial to attain goals such as: learning and employing adaptive behaviors such as seeking for help; greater knowledge about suicide facts and resources, and more constructive attitudes; effectively responding to suicidal-related situations; and making appropriate referrals [communicating with authority figures] (Hamilton & Klimes-Dougan, 2015).Suicide Prevention Strategy, Behavioral Science, Emotional Intelligence, Resource Mangement, Mental Health Education
Team Performance, Efficiency And AppraisalsThis course will?help?leaders to improve their team's performance by applying effective tools to evaluate and ?conduct appraisals?and enhance employees performance. The underlying principle of the Appraisal Scheme is that:?Members of staff have the right to seek and receive high quality, responsible and balanced feedback on their work performance and development activities, and agree relevant and appropriate training needs or development plans and work targets for the coming year. Performance Evaluation Stragtegy, Business Development, Strategic Planning, Developing Top Talent, Managing People for Performance
Team Plan Execution Excellence Workshop This workshop introduces the student to key elements of executing the organization strategic plan for excellence.
Student will reflect on their own knowledge, Experiences and Expectations of organizational success.
Students will gain understanding of key concepts that ties vision with the organization values and elicit participation from subordinates and peers. Students will Master the 3 core processes of execution:
The people process, The strategy process, The operation process.
Team Building, Managing People for Perfomance, Clarity Roles and Accountabilities, Organizational Building, Organization Integrity and Building, Decision Making
The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) This course provides an understanding of new and wide-reaching requirements from the General Data Protection Regulation and those rules relevant for businesses, as well as employees responsibilities for protecting personal information.

The topics covered in the course include:

Key Definitions
Data Protection Rules and Principles
Rights of Individuals
Security Requirements
Sharing, Using, Transferring and Deleting Data
Data Management, Data Analysis, Data Sharing
The Funduments of MediationBasic Mediation Training is an intensive, four-day training. Students will learn the fundaments of mediation and gain the ability to open the mediation, lead the disputing parties for a negotiated settlement, and close the mediation conference with a written agreement. Through lecture, individual and group activities, and a series of role-plays, participants develop a foundation of basic mediation skills that they can be built upon to resolve disputes.Dispute Resolution, Mediation and Workplace Conflict Management, Problem Solving, Team Building, Oral and Written Communication
Time for Change - Essentials for Aspiring LeadersThis course presents a thematic approach of fundamental essentials for inspiring leader s to effectively implement change / development to accomplish the organization s mission. An approach to building an Organizational Development Support Team. It recognizes HR managers and Line Leaders as a vital part for a successful organizational development or change process. This process can helps a lot in the organization for the leaders to get a strong change according to the need and requirement of the time on the technology purpose. Technology is been increasing day by day so the worth of work is also increasing but with the new technologies not with the old ones. So this course tell about the change factor in progressive way according to the time and work in the organization so that they can follow the right track to move on and manage the required change of the time need.. This program is ideal for aspiring or new managers who are looking to rapidly increase their management skills and strategic perspective, taking on additional responsibility, and seeking to be effective in their organization .As a participant in this program, you have to do some tasks that will provide a growth opportunity for you as an emerging leader in your organization. Support your personal growth as an emerging leader. Align with the strategic priorities of your group or organizationLeadership Development, Strategic Communication, Managing People for Performance, Critical and Analytical Thinking, Performance Evaluation and Management, Influencing, Building Relationships
Unconscious Bias AwarenessIn this course, learners will build awareness of unconscious biases in the workplace by considering the many perspectives associated with them. Develop skills to help recognize and take action to manage bias and create a goal-setting plan to that promotes an inclusive environment. The need and target audience: This course is intended for both Employers and Employees. The goal: Build awareness to understand what unconscious bias is and why it matters.
Purpose: Create a more productive workplace by exposing people to their unconscious biases, provide tools to adjust automatic patterns of thinking, and ultimately eliminate discriminatory behaviors.
Learning Outcomes: Unconscious Bias  where it comes from, how it manifests itself, and why its impact is so powerful. "Best practices for awareness, confronting, and overcoming unconscious bias; Impact of unconscious bias, micro-inequities, & other forms of non-litigable bias on the individual & the organization.
Self-Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Critical and Analytical Thinking
Understanding Diversity when Dealing with Conflict In this session, we will explore the various facets that encompass cultural diversity within the context of conflict resolution and how, as successful conflict managers, we can face the issue head on and learn how to better our understanding and approach of our own belief systems.Cultural/Emotional Intelligence, Valuing Diversity, Building Relationships, Critical and Analytical Thinking
Workplace Mediation Certificate courseThis intensive 32 Clock hours course is designed to train and develop participants in the Conflict Dispute Resolution, Mediation. It introduces students to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as a means of resolve disputes in the workplace. Participants will review the application of dispute resolution settlement options and standards of both traditional and non-traditional dispute resolution options. Successful graduates of this course will be awarded a Certificate of Completion with the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) Accreditation credits.Team Building, Critical and Analytical Thinking, Self-Awareness, Time Management, Managing Conflict, Clarity Roles and Accountabilities


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