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Sara E. Fiori

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University of Maryland College Park, English, Rhetoric
The University of Maryland School of Law, J.D.


My name is Sarah. I have a law degree from the University of Maryland School of Law and a degree in English Literature with a minor in Rhetoric. I also passed the Bar Exam in 2014. I am a long time tutor for Bar Candidates, law students, and English & Communications students. I love to teach and have been tutoring students for almost seven years. I have a very flexible schedule and will work with students to make sure that they are able to get quality tutoring that they can afford. I love people and have a very soft heart for students- my passion truly is to see students succeed in whatever their course of study may be.

While I most frequently tutor Bar Candidates, law students, and writing/study skills, I also happily take on students in other courses (criminal justice, research, and much more).


I have been tutoring Bar candidates for many years and also successfully took the Maryland Bar Exam. I have many resources I am able to share with students (outlines, practice tests, study aids, and more). I love to help candidates create and stick to a study schedule and help them to stick to it. I offer assistance with writing, time-management (on the test and also in using study time wisely), and also understanding the black-letter law. I find it helpful to have students send me practice essays and review their practice tests to best improve their score as well. It is an honor and a privilege to help candidates to persevere through their rigorous studies and take the exam with confidence and success!

I have amassed a huge collection of outlines in my years tutoring law students. I most frequently tutor in 1L type courses, legal writing, and in Corporations/Business Associations. I absolutely love teaching Property, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Torts, Criminal Law (and procedure), and Business Associations/Corporate Law.

I am always happy to share my outlines and other resources with students during our tutoring sessions.


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Flexibility is Our Policy

We work with your schedule to assure maximum efficiency of our time together. If you are working while preparing for the bar exam, we will work around your work hours–evening and weekend time slots are available. With sufficient notice, a missed scheduled session may be made up.

We also work with your budget with flexible price structures depending on your individual needs. We have payment plans and discounts for payments by check and cash. It’s our goal to make working with a bar exam tutor within reach.

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She’s an amazing instructor and I loved her teaching style. She’s very intelligent and patient. It's very hard to find the right tutor nowadays and I’m so happy that I found her. I highly recommend her.
- Maryam, 4 lessons with Sarah
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